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KOF2002UM casuals every Saturday (except on the 25th) at Bar Save File, Tampere


Saturday 1st of February at Bar Save File in Tampere

The King Of Fighters 2002 UM tournament in Tampere, Finland. Approved by the Offline Poverty Intelligentsia.

Tournament starts at 18:00 (sign ups close at 17:45)
There is a not-so-strict 16 player limit
Bring your own controller
Participation fee is 1 Euro
Tournament payout: 2nd place gets their 1 Euro back, 1st place takes the rest!

We welcome all friends of KOF – be it ’97 or ’98, the masterpiece that is original 2002 or even XVI – to gather at Bar Save File in Tampere on the 1st of February to duke it out in a cordial 2002 Unlimited Match tournament.

The tournament will be played on the Steam version of The King Of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match using lagless CRT screens. Bring your own USB device (control pad, arcade stick, keyboard, etc) you wish to use, but please understand that the tournament organiser cannot guarantee 100% compatibility for all USB devices (the setup runs on Windows 7). We will have a second setup with the Playstation 2 version of the game if needed. The PS2 setup can be used with PS3 and PS4 compatible controllers.

When signing up please state your name, team of three characters (for example “Kyo/Terry/Ryo” – or “Edit random” etc). Switching characters (or random type) isn’t allowed during the tournament. Changing character order is of course OK.

Tournament rules:

  • 1 on 1 Double Elimination, all matches are Best of 3 sets
  • Default settings
  • Character lock (random edit/team is allowed – limited to “arcade only”)
  • Boss characters are BANNED (see detailed list below)
  • Tournament brackets determine which side contestants play on
  • No stage select
  • Coaching/heckling etc of contestants/organisers is forbidden
  • Pausing the match is forbidden – you will lose a character as penalty
  • Button combination shortcuts are allowed
  • Tournament organiser will confirm button configuration settings
  • Have fun!

BANNED characters: Goenitz, Krizalid, Clone Zero, Zero, Omega Rugal, Ignitz, Geese and Nightmare Geese

The organisers have the last word if any disputes arise.

If you have any further questions, contact the tournament organiser NINLIA on:
Twitter – @videograppler
Or email us at videograppler <Å> gmaildotcom

MARCH 2020

Saturday 7th of March at Bar Save File in Tampere

A cosmic double tournament day for Street Fighter fans at Bar Save File in Tampere, Finland. Ultra Street Fighter IV will be played on PS4 setups, and Street Fighter Zero 2 will be played on the PS2 (PS3 and PS4 controller compatible setup).

Street Fighter Zero 2 tournament will start at 17:30 sharp. Sign ups close at 17:15.
More info will be available soon!

Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament will start at 20:00 sharp. Sign ups close at 19:45.
More info will be available soon!